Thursday, January 13, 2011

.suns game.

Lucky for me, John won tickets to a suns game at his work christmas party. It was a really fun date! mostly because it was the gorillas birthday so a bunch of his mascot buddies were there to celebrate. which was obviously the best part. Oh and the Suns beat the Cavaliers like 100 to 106, it was really close the whole game.


Christmas was great, All the family was in town because hayden and megans wedding was the week before and that made it so fun. I made a rudolph pinata for the christmas eve party, it was a hit. haha, get it.

John got a pez dispenser that looks just like him and a violin, and i got lots of clothes!

Dear Keri or Megan, If you have a morning hall picture on your camera please send it my way. on moms camera its blurry and somehow mine didnt save whatever picture was taken. Thanks a bunch.

Katie Joe


For halloween I was actually at the International Quilt Festival and Market with Abbey Lane Quilts. It was great and hopefully I will be posting progress on my first quilting project soon. Before halloween though we...

carved pumpkins with Nicole & Kevy and Weston & Anna. Nicole had an awesome party complete with goodie baskets.
Made decorations for the house out of cardboard and paint

Made a devil costume for Guy. he looks really happy to be wearing it.

and went monster mini golfing. It was indoor and the walls were painted with special paint that made them glow when the black lights were on. Super cool.

.sock animals.

I made some sock animals that were pretty adorable, and simple.

They ended up being toys for dude-guy.