Sunday, October 26, 2008

.pumpkin contest.

so my office had a pumpkin carving contest. i halfway carved a pumpkin that had random designs on it and decided that i needed help. i didnt technically cheet since there was no rule about where the carved pumpkin came from, we were just told to bring in a carved pumpkin. so i put others to the task! so the point of the story is, johns pumpkin won first prize in my office pumpkin carving contest! i love it!

crystal won second place.

ryan (from finance) and his son won third place. its not carved, but its cute. and creepy, it has a growth on its head and you cant see it but hes holding a tylenol bottle in his hand. hehe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

.K-9 relief.

John and i were walking around some shops the other day and i was surprised, slightly grossed out and amused to see this little potty stop right in the middle of the sidewalk. very unexpected.

.the office.

The little office that i work in is one of about 50 in a big building but we are the only office who decorates for every season. this is what we decorated for fall.Our office is on the fourth floor and bringing those bales of hay up left peices of hay and the smell of farm all over the elevator, halls and lobby. and then thay made us put flame retardant all over them which only intensified the smell!!

And lucky me, I get to work with my best friend!!

.the ponytail palm.

When i saw this plant at the store it reminded me of dr. suess' fantastical world. since i love all things fantastical, i bought it. even though i have nowhere to keep it.
im not good at keeping things alive so i did some research on it and oh my goodness! i found a photo of a 30 year old one that was in "bloom" and when i said the small one reminded me of dr suess it is nothing compared to this one!!!!!! soo cool and completely unique!