Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We went to boston last weekend for Johns dads bday. It was super fun. We walked pretty much the entire city and saw paul reveres home and the church he hung the lanterns in. and i was told that the pic of the building below is where the declaration of independance was read off that balcony to the people. this is us in Cape Cod. we found two good size sand dollars that didnt even break on the way home! Thaniel Hall
My personal favorite part of boston.
The Aquarium.
Giant sea turtle. he was at least 3 1/2 feet wide.
we ate his cousin for lunch the day before.
coolest sea horse ever. it took me a minute to find him in the tank with all his leafy goodness to hide him.
The penguins were the best.
the penguins were so super fast and the stingray had to be at least 4 ft across wing to wing. crazy huge!

.Party Time.

Valentines Party 2011! They had a lovelyful lunch (fruit dip was the favorite, hands down), Cupcake decorating, scavenger hunt, bingo, obstacle course,lots of random games, decorating goodie bags and making tissue paper flowers.

Pizza Pies! this was fun the kids loved it. so did i. emma put so many toppings on hers that it looked like a mountain of nasty when it was cooked and she helped someone else eat theirs instead.

Magans party face
macadamia nut, banana pudding parfaits! Double yummo.
Momma's bday.
Johnnys 22nd bday. im really good with candles.