Thursday, August 25, 2011

.big belly.

Here is a photo of my belly, I keep forgetting to take one so you get me in my pjs.

And here is a before and after of the new fabric on my free dining room chairs, I've got connections.
I took off the arms because our space is too small to get in and out with them on.

I like the new fabric and it was way easy. John wants to sand and restain them to match the table we built.

Monday, August 22, 2011

.add some paint.

Today I have a post over at

I am giving a tutorial on how I made this cutie patootie bow clip holder for my baby girls room.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

.placemat pillows.

We moved into an apartment about 2 months ago and I've been slowly making it home, one craft project at a time. Here's how I made two simple pillows.

-I had two double-sided placemats that matched the general color scheme of my life/living room, green and blue.

-I carefully used a seam ripper to seperate the front and back. opened them a few inches, enough to fit my hand through.

-Then I stole stuffing from a pillow that I was not so fond of.

-I Stuffed the pillows pretty full cuz hubby is hard on things and I didn't want them to go flat. Then I pinned the edge shut to keep the seams even and sewed them closed trying to match the original thread used.

viola! sooo quick and I got the placemats for like 50 cents and the old pillows that I used the stuffing out of were free. I love them.