Friday, January 29, 2010

.happy birthday johnny.

To celebrate his birthday, Johnny and I went on a helicopter tour of Sedona!! I was so excited and it was the most fun in the world!
John got to sit in the front with the pilot and all the buttons and he got the best view!
I was really excited about the headset. totally legit.

This was the view by where the copter took off. soo prettty! and just think, some people are lucky enough to see this every day. :)
This was the birthday card i made for him.with a nice little pocket for the birthday wishes.

.for lisa.

no googlies

Saturday, January 9, 2010

.Almost Banana Bread.

Today I found a recipe in the ward cookbook and followed the instructions to a T. I was so proud of myself when I took the bread out of the oven and it looked so perfect!

Then I cut a piece and pulled it out and all of the insides of the bread oozed into the empty space. :( NNNNOOOOOOO! I popped it back in the oven but i doubt I can salvage it. I will never try that recipe again! and i was so happy to not waste those brownish bananas!

Friday, January 1, 2010

.Happy New Year.

My list of resolutions this year mostly has to do with being all around healthier, strengthening talents and gaining new ones, but my #1 new years resolution for 2010 is... any guesses? Drumroll...
Finally moving in with my husband!! seriously though I will be moving to Sedona by February and if i dont then i will go crazy! The company has meetings set up with all employees over the next two weeks to breif them on the changes and the office plans to move between the 15th and 20th so hopefully I will be outta there by Feb! It seems pretty legit this time guys so keep your fingers crossed!
Anyhow I'd say i started this year off pretty good so far. I woke up this morning and cooked some french toast poured some OJ and johnny was treated to breakfast in bed. Then i planned dinner for tonight and tomorrow. Im already in the running for wife of the year. woohoo


Our first Christmas together was fun. We tried to figure out how to please both our families, I dont know how well it worked but the effort is what counts.
I made us matching santa hat stockings! boring but they get the job done. maybe we will add a little flaire to them next year.This was our first Christmas tree. there was an angel at the top but somehow it didnt make it in the photo. I know it looks like there are only like five ornaments on it but really there are red green silver and clear ornaments, so dont judge.The traditional hall photo. One of my favorite traditions of all! Capturing the very tired/excited faces of loved ones. It was a very good Christmas.