Saturday, February 21, 2009

.my craziness of thoughts.

This post is mostly just for my siblings to know what i've been thinking and doing lately, you can give me advice if you feel the need.
a few weeks ago i got glasses to see if my vision was part of my headache problem. it wasnt and i returned them.

my hours at work got cut in half because im so efficient and they dont have enough work to give me to fill a 40 hour week.

i changed my mind about being a pastry chef and looked at some beauty schools. i made a plan to get an associates in business and a hair cutting certificate and open a salon. then i changed my mind. i looked at the bryman school, they give assisting certificates in the medical feild. i thought about radiology (x-rays and sonograms and such) but thats too much math for me. medical assisting (like a family doctors assistant) but blood is not my forte. dental assisting, cavities plaque and drilling teeth is gross. BUT... dental assisting in an orthodontic office equals nothing too disgusting. so i thought about that. and im still thinking. i went an toured the school and i like it. its a nine month program including an externship, i will get a certificate that i can come in and update anytime im feeling rusty for free. its valid anywhere in the US and it sounds good to me. but im not sure, it would create stable and nicely paying job opportunities for me, but i dont know if i would be really happy doing it.

at the beginning of the year i had a plan to buy a car within 4 months, my job gave me enough money to allow that. now if i dont get a second job it will be longer. im bummed, i have been trying really hard though. ive been going through spending all my money withdrawls. i know how rebecca bloomwood (confessions of a shopaholic) feels.

i want to plant some flowers in the back yard. i wanted to plant them against the back wall of mom and dads bedroom but dad said no (he didnt tell me why not) he wants them by the pool. i think this summer the kids will trample them though.

anyway, thats been me the last month. love you all.


valentines day was super fun! Lisa, Cindy and Dusty's kids came over for a kids valentines day extravaganza! I didnt get pics of everything but the party consisted of making candy necklaces, making valentines and treat bags, guessing how many m'n'ms in the jar, watching 'be my valentine charlie brown', having a dinner of animal shaped chicken nuggets and fries, decorating cupcakes, a heart hunt and general activities that children creatively come up with on their own! I think that everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

Friday, February 13, 2009


These guys were just walking around the neighborhood! how beautiful is that!!

We drove to Utah for new years and my cousin kevy's wedding. it was fun to see family, and weddings are such a happy time. While we were waiting outside the temple Hayden saw a friend that lived in Ukraine while he was there! What are the odds!

near keri's house theres a guy who creates amazing snow sculptures each year. this year was madagascar themed with all the main characters from the movie. I loved it, so adorable! sorry the pic isnt better.Keri showed us the new house that her family is building. its so fun and the view is spectacular!Blake flashing his playground gang signs, Kallin's funny face and Porters frankinstein/serious face.
I just love being around my family! they are so fun!

.a little late.

So Christmas was super fantastic! Lisa's and Cindy's families stayed the night and thats always exciting to have family around!
The traditional hall picture(s).

Great shot of Ty!
I don't know how Cindy and Christian avoided my camera, but cooper had a different plan.
I decorated the tree this year, which was a traumatic change for one particular family member (who would comment about how they wished the tree looked the way mom always decorates it and that mine was a disaster, every time they walked in the room.). I did miss the warm feeling that comes with the way mom decorates, but she didn't mind not having to dig out her Christmas box.
It was a nice way to top off a good year.