Sunday, October 19, 2008

.the ponytail palm.

When i saw this plant at the store it reminded me of dr. suess' fantastical world. since i love all things fantastical, i bought it. even though i have nowhere to keep it.
im not good at keeping things alive so i did some research on it and oh my goodness! i found a photo of a 30 year old one that was in "bloom" and when i said the small one reminded me of dr suess it is nothing compared to this one!!!!!! soo cool and completely unique!


Keriann said...

if your tree lives that long...big bertha would be an apropriate name. Keri

-Katie Joe- said...

haha. thats true. i actually think that im allergic! my eyes have been scratchy so i moved it to another room in the house and i feel better. how sad for me.

Bonnie said...

Katie... I love the tree! It is so You. and yes it does remind me of Dr. Suess ! funny!
hope to see you soon at Grama Edna's 90th !love you Aunt Bonnie from Idaho

eric keith said...

i love that i found your blog and that freaky tree is featured. ha. now it sits in your living room-probably will for 30 years. wonderful