Friday, January 29, 2010

.happy birthday johnny.

To celebrate his birthday, Johnny and I went on a helicopter tour of Sedona!! I was so excited and it was the most fun in the world!
John got to sit in the front with the pilot and all the buttons and he got the best view!
I was really excited about the headset. totally legit.

This was the view by where the copter took off. soo prettty! and just think, some people are lucky enough to see this every day. :)
This was the birthday card i made for him.with a nice little pocket for the birthday wishes.


JR and Steph said...

I bet that was so fun! That is a really cool birthday present!I love that card.

~LisaLou~ said...

Great card Katie. You should make those and sell them on Etsy. Very unique!
The helicopter ride looked fun.
Stay warm! Lis

Nicki said...

A helicopter ride! Best birthday ever! Hope you had a great birthday John.

Robyn said...

John hope you had a great birthday with all the great fun you had.. I bet it was beautiful.