Thursday, August 18, 2011

.placemat pillows.

We moved into an apartment about 2 months ago and I've been slowly making it home, one craft project at a time. Here's how I made two simple pillows.

-I had two double-sided placemats that matched the general color scheme of my life/living room, green and blue.

-I carefully used a seam ripper to seperate the front and back. opened them a few inches, enough to fit my hand through.

-Then I stole stuffing from a pillow that I was not so fond of.

-I Stuffed the pillows pretty full cuz hubby is hard on things and I didn't want them to go flat. Then I pinned the edge shut to keep the seams even and sewed them closed trying to match the original thread used.

viola! sooo quick and I got the placemats for like 50 cents and the old pillows that I used the stuffing out of were free. I love them.


Brian and Ali Childs said...

OK see...this is the kind of stuff you need to save for our blog! Dang you and your creativity!

~LisaLou~ said...

Soooo...I mean...seewwww cute! hehe. Ahem...We got dibs on the blog!!!! jk.
KT, you are so close to due date! We need updated belly pictures on here.
I love you!

Keriann said...

Hey Kate, want to see the belly....
Tell John hi. Love you guys...

Pitcher Fam4 said...

Belly shots would be awesome. Love the pillows you made, crafty Katie.

Peterson Family said...

Thats the same ribbon I used when i made Keylee's. Red heads must have good taste. Post your babies room. And get me your address so I can send you something. My goodness a baby? arent you still 8?! And lets see that belly of yours.