Tuesday, October 4, 2011

.first vacation.

Maggie went on her very first vacation at one month old. We had a girls trip with my mom, Keri, Lisa, Cindy and Cassidy. We flew to Detroit
This was a GIANT pile of squash that we found.
This is an adorable handmade doll I bought at a halloween art show called ghoultide Gathering.


Peterson Family said...

How fun. I'm sure your sisters and mom loved getting to spend time with Magnolia.

Pitcher Fam4 said...

What a great time to spend together. Unlike your cousin Shalee... I bet your mom and sisters loved getting to spend time with Magnolia and YOU!!!!!! Silly Sha. Your girly is adorable.

Keriann said...

Hey Kate,
your doll is even cuter now than when you bought it.

Nicki said...

I miss the AZ L's!!! You guys were so fun.