Sunday, December 2, 2007

wooden signs!

my latest projects have been signs.
this one i made for my mom for sister, lisa, taught me how to make these by
using mod podge to stick the paper to wood.
its pretty easy and i think they look really cute!
this one is made with bead board, ribbon, wire and beads. i strung the beads on the wire and bent them into letters. it took a while but i like the finished product!


~LisaLou~ said...

Good job Katie. I'm glad you updated your blog with these. They are adorable! I really love your beaded letters. (I like your "a" and "r", they're cool!) Maybe I'll have to order some sometime!
Love ya, Lisa

*JULIA* said...

oh Katie we re picked christmas names the other night and it's wierd but you and Cindy ended up picking my name.....anyway we can't change it now but just so you know i really like the middle one. You are really good at making signage.

Cindy said...

Hey Katie! I love your signs! You are so talented! I really like the second sign as well. I think that you actually picked all of us girls' names for Christmas. Lucky mistake for us!

-Katie Joe- said...

haha! if you guys tell me a quote that you love then maybe i could find time in my crazy busy schedule (since im done with school for the semester!!!) to make them. possibly free of charge depending on how much you love me and are nice to me.

~LisaLou~ said...

Katie, I love you and I am REALLY nice to you. Remember that time I told you how beautiful you are...oh, I tell you that everytime I see you! See how nice I am...(do I get a sign for that?!)XOXO Lisa

-Katie Joe- said...

oh lisa! you are so kind to me!! i love you too! what kind of sign would you like?!