Sunday, February 10, 2008

new calling...s

ive finally been released from my calling as a member of the enrichment committee after two grueling months! (i seriously did nothing.) Today i was put in as the young single adults ward representative alongside hayden, and also on the primary board as the SUNBEAMS teacher!! wow. I actually have to do assignments, talk to people and show up for meetings now! These are my first action callings and im pretty excited! Im guessing it will take some effort, which believe it or not i am willing to do, but im looking forward to doing it and seeing how this will strengthen my testimony!

P.S. in case any of my sisters were wondering, John had a missionary discussion on thursday. I wasnt present, but he and the missionarys both told me that it was enjoyable and such. YIPPEE!!


*JULIA* said...

You Updated?? I thought you had quit the blog like volleyball freshman year. Thats great that you got a fun calling that you cannot slack on. So maybe we will see you sometime. I also have a couple of sewing projects that i need to talk about with you so hopefully this weekend we will see you or you could just randomly stop over here thursday night and babysit for us. whatever time works for you.

-Katie Joe- said...

haha cute julia. are you talking about finally binding the edge of the quilt? that may cost you. and on thursday night i have class til any time between 830 and 930 so i doubt that will work out. unless i will be receiving some sort of payment! no if you are willing to wait for me to get out of class then i will talk to my vday date and see if he wants to go play wii or something. but that is kinda late so its up to you.

~LisaLou~ said...

Katie JOsephIna! I love the new blog background...and thanx for
upd8ing! Yeah for your new callings. You are going to LOVE Sunbeams! They are going to love you! That's cool John's discussion went well. Hopefully we will see you soon! Love ya!

Cindy said...

It's about time you lazy blogger!!! I have been checking your blog every day to see if you updated! well, not really....but I am glad that you got new callingS! I hope they are tons of fun!