Monday, May 26, 2008


Florida was so fun! We went to the beach, and i attempted to learn to surf which lasted about 10 minutes, the water was super cold but naturally the beach was beautiful! We also took the boat out on a lake at night to stalk gators which was frightening! I already miss being around my cousins, i love the brutal honesty of saying whats on their mind no matter who is around! Westin is going to be a wonderful missionary, he already shares his testimony with people and everyone knows exactly what he stands for.


Andrew said...

Which one of your cousins are you dating?

Anonymous said...

lol... I was there for the gator and I'm pretty sure I was the one who taught you to surf (unsucessfully on my part! ) I really miss you girl... I hope all is well in AZ... you better ome back soon to visit! the picture of you and your cousins is beautiful... I love your entire family.... you're lucky!