Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So the other day i was bored and painting my nails but i couldnt decide what color. well i just so happened to be wearing my zebra belt and was inspired! too bad i can only use my right hand to paint my left with such precision, only one hand is painted. :) but it looks cool!!


~LisaLou~ said...

Wow Katie, that's impressive. I noticed that you seem to have a zebra theme going on lately!
Thanks for helping with my kiddo's the last couple of days. They had so much fun...so much that Carly got sick tonight after we got home from her party. Yuck!
Love you guys! LIsa

jenna and kreed said...

I just saw gorgeous photos of you on Cindy's blog. Way to go

-Katie Joe- said...

oh thanks jenna! cindy did a lot of touch ups on those!

lisa im sorry carly got sick! i promise she ate healthy food once in a while, it was probably from swimming all day every day!! they love that pool!

Pitcherfam3 said...

Katie Joe- You are a nut completely full of talent. They look pretty darn awesome.

Bonnie said...

Hey Katie! just love those nails!
Fun Blog! Hello from Idaho!

Keriann said...

Kate update your blog. I love you Keriann