Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.i love getting mail.

I got my macbook laptop today, and Hayden got his desktop!!! Mine is black, i really like it! Its so different than microsoft and its frustrating to have to practically relearn how to use a computer, but im getting there. It comes with a video chatting program so hayden and i were learning how to use them together over video in our rooms. It was fun. everyone should get a mac so we can video chat together! Its exciting. We each got an ipod touch too. Those are super cool cuz you can have music movies and photos plus you can access wireless internet from them! geez apple should pay me advertising fees for this blog! anyway, im excited for my cool new toys!
NOTE: if you click on the name Springbrook Homes in my last post it will take you to their homepage! i think thats neat!

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