Thursday, December 3, 2009

.Christmas Spirit.

Today i saved a mans life.

kind of.

So here is the heroic story...

I was sitting at the front desk when all of a sudden a very panicked looking man rushed into the office and said he needed help.The panic on his face worried me thinking someone had a heart attack or something really serious. I asked what was the matter and he said that there was a man locked in one of the bathroom stalls. The door knob was broken and just kept spinning around in circles. hahaha. oh my goodness for a few seconds i thought i would have to call an ambulance or give a statement to the police. I called the building maintenence and they came up to release the poor man in the stall. It would not be funny to be the one in the stall and im sure that he was very grateful to the other man who did not think it was funny either. And that ladies and gentlemen is an act of christmas service

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Keriann said...

Beautiful pics.
Love you,
Let me know if you need anything