Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was fun! John came to mom and dads for the day and then we visited his grandparents and went to Sedona for the weekend. Friday morning we got up at 4 to drive to the walmart in flagstaff and it took us 15 minutes to find a parking space! at 5 in the morning!
Only on black friday would that happen! anyway we got ourselves a desktop comp. and a PS3 for Johns christmas present. and guess what? He opened it right when we got home so no christmas for John this year!


Keriann said...

hey kate,
We need to plan another ski trip up and everyone take family pics by the old truck and drink hot cocoa, throw snowballs...swim in a hot pool in the snow.
Your wedding pics are beautiful.
you picked great colors.
love you Keri

-Katie Joe- said...

:) thanks!! i loved how everything turned out!! and yes i agree we should have another ski trip! but i think i will skip the slopes because i seriously thought i was going to die from the pain i felt snowboarding! that all sounds so fun though! lets do it!