Saturday, March 13, 2010

.puppy love.

Meet Charlie Dude-Guy Hall.
He goes by Guy. He is 3 months old. His hobbies are hunting worms in the back yard, hiking, chewing on things and going potty on the things he doesnt chew on. The tips of his ears get wet when he drinks out of his water bowl. He has tons of energy and it took me a million pictures to get a good one, he kept attacking the camera. :) he stinks. really bad. hes not dirty or anything, its gas.
And here is an action shot!


Nicki said...

You got a dog? He is sooo cute. Please don't mention this Kevin, he has been bugging me for one for a long time. I am not ready for that kind of responsibility! ps - I hope he doesn't eat your shoes, they are too pretty!

-Katie Joe- said...

:) he already ate my phone charger. and it was totally johns idea to get a dog, i feel the same way you do! but hes growing on me, even though sometimes i want to leave him outside for the wild animals to get. jk. but seriously