Friday, February 13, 2009


These guys were just walking around the neighborhood! how beautiful is that!!

We drove to Utah for new years and my cousin kevy's wedding. it was fun to see family, and weddings are such a happy time. While we were waiting outside the temple Hayden saw a friend that lived in Ukraine while he was there! What are the odds!

near keri's house theres a guy who creates amazing snow sculptures each year. this year was madagascar themed with all the main characters from the movie. I loved it, so adorable! sorry the pic isnt better.Keri showed us the new house that her family is building. its so fun and the view is spectacular!Blake flashing his playground gang signs, Kallin's funny face and Porters frankinstein/serious face.
I just love being around my family! they are so fun!

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Keriann said...

Hey Katie, cute pics. I laughed at the picture of my house... it looks more like a chicken coop:) But the view is so awsome.