Saturday, February 21, 2009


valentines day was super fun! Lisa, Cindy and Dusty's kids came over for a kids valentines day extravaganza! I didnt get pics of everything but the party consisted of making candy necklaces, making valentines and treat bags, guessing how many m'n'ms in the jar, watching 'be my valentine charlie brown', having a dinner of animal shaped chicken nuggets and fries, decorating cupcakes, a heart hunt and general activities that children creatively come up with on their own! I think that everyone enjoyed themselves very much.


~LisaLou~ said...

HI Katie,
That party was so fun! The kids loved it. We had so much fun eating out and bowling too. Thank you so much! What an awesome aunt! (and awesome sister.)
I love you. Lisa

-Katie Joe- said...

:) anytime! the kids were super good and i had fun with them. (mostly) love you!