Friday, February 13, 2009

.a little late.

So Christmas was super fantastic! Lisa's and Cindy's families stayed the night and thats always exciting to have family around!
The traditional hall picture(s).

Great shot of Ty!
I don't know how Cindy and Christian avoided my camera, but cooper had a different plan.
I decorated the tree this year, which was a traumatic change for one particular family member (who would comment about how they wished the tree looked the way mom always decorates it and that mine was a disaster, every time they walked in the room.). I did miss the warm feeling that comes with the way mom decorates, but she didn't mind not having to dig out her Christmas box.
It was a nice way to top off a good year.

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`(:Hayden:)~ said...

that tree made me vomit. i love the rest of the new post!