Saturday, March 13, 2010

.shamrock crafty.

Dont mind the winter birdies that are still up. they are too cute for me to put away! plus it did snow this week so they are welcome here. and mom dont even say that the fireplace is dirty, I tried to clean it but the soot loves the cracks. :(

Yesterday I made a shamrock garland out of salt dough from lisa's blog. I wanted to paint them but im low on supplies and there are no craft stores nearby so i used an old ink pad, glitter that mom gave me and mod podge. then I just used thread to hold them together and rocks from the back yard to hold them on the mantle.


~LisaLou~ said...

wow! those are soooo cute! i love them! i really like the "paint" job. we are defiitely going to do some shamrocks. hey rock! and guy is so cute. too bad he stinks! love you. xoxo lis

Keriann said...

stinky puppy!